Write a Collaborative Poem with Jack Prelutsky

Thank you for joining our collaborative poem moderated by Jack Prelutsky on April 21, 2004. Below is a transcript of that poem. Jack's comments and prompts can be seen in red. Click here (PDF) for a printable transcript of the poem.

Jack: HI! This is Jack Prelutsky. Let's write a poem together today. I'll supply the first two lines. In this poem, only every other line has to rhyme, so your second line should end with a rhyme for "everywhere."

Here are the first two lines of the poem:

I cannot find my dinosaur,
I've hunted everywhere.

Hello again.... most of you are rhyming with the word "dinosaur" instead of with "everywhere."

Here's an example of a way you might continue the poem:

I looked inside the fireplace,
I looked beneath my chair.
He cannot be under the bed

Let's change "He cannot be under the bed" to:

He isn't underneath the bed
He isn't in the air

Okay...now let's start the next four lines.

He could be in the closet,
He could be in the tub

Now you've got to rhyme with "tub."

He might be in my pocket
Singing Rub A Dub

Let's start the next verse with the same line as the first...

I cannot find my dinosaur
I looked inside my shoe
He wasn't where I left him
Now I don't know what to do

Keep going.... try to make the lines scan.

He might be in the garden
He might be at the gym
He could be in my underwear
Learning how to swim
He could be in my backpack
I do not have a clue
He might be lost forever
I want to cry boo-hoo

I'm going to continue with lines you've already sent...then we'll start a new verse

He could be in my lunchbox
He could be in my ear
Perhaps he's in the closet
Or on the chandelier.
Has he gone on vacation?
Perhaps he's at the zoo.
Has he become invisible?
Oh, how I wish I knew!

Ok.... let's continue again with ...

I cannot find my dinosaur,
I wonder if he's lost?
How will I ever find him?
I will try at any cost
I wonder if he's frightened.

Now try "I wonder if he's..."

You need a one-syllable word that's easy to rhyme.

I wonder if he's sad.
I wonder if he ran away?
I hope he is not mad
I miss you, my dear dinosaur
Oh please come home to me.

Now we need a line that ends with a "me" rhyme.

I promise you I won't be bad
I'll make you your own key.

That last "key" line is REALLY GOOD!

I'll give you lots of money
And lots of fine ice cream
I'll let you sleep beside me
And you can help me dream

That was VERY NICE!

You can have my rubber ducky

What else can the dinosaur have? We need a line that ends with a single syllable that's easy to rhyme. And don't forget the meter.... make it scan.

And my dear sweet teddy bear.
I'll give you your own sleeping bag
And tickets to the fair.

That was one I hadn't thought of!!!

I'll give you my prize puppy
We can have a pillow fight.
I'll give you lots of kisses.
We'll both stay up all night!
We'll tell each other stories
And watch the fireflies glow
I'll help you do the dishes
We'll frolic in the snow!

Ok.... now I'm starting the last verse.

Oh please come home, dear dinosaur,
You're gone too long this time.
Until you're safely home with me,
I cannot end this rhyme.

That's it ... we did it. NICE JOB Aloha for now.... Jack

Click here (PDF) for a printable version of the poem.

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