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Dr. Colin Skinner

Meet Doctor Colin Skinner:
Walker and Biologist

Colin Skinner is both a biologist and an adventurer. Colin was born in England, and as a young boy enjoyed science in school. He liked to understand how things worked and how everything fit together. Colin went on to study biology in college and worked in laboratories in America and England. One of his jobs was to find out why certain children were born with physical abnormalities. He discovered changes in these children's genes, as well as a new gene that worked in the skin of mice.

But Colin has has not spent all his time in a science lab — he is an adventurer who has journeyed the world by foot! Since the age of 18, he has walked almost 8,000 miles in long-distance walks — across Britain, Iceland, North America, and Canada. Colin has always walked to help others, raising money for handicapped children or people with cancer and other diseases.

Now, Colin is walking around the world and sharing his journey with schoolchildren. Colin began his walk in New Zealand, and is planning to travel through Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. He plans to circle the world on foot, carrying a backpack and tent.

Students participating in this Learning Adventure, can trace Colin's first walk, which took him the length of New Zealand. On this journey of 1,500 miles, he visited volcanoes, rainforests, mountains, and seashores. Along the way, he found out how the land has shaped the people and how the people have had an impact on the land. Colin also learned how rare plants and animals are being protected from extinction.

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