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flower New Zealand has been isolated from other major land masses for around 60 million years, which is why you'll find so many unique plants and animals on these islands. Over 1,500 species of flowering plants are only found in New Zealand. This is also where you will find some of the oldest trees in the world, such as the ancient kauri pine.

New Zealand also has unusual animals, such as the largest flightless parrot (the kakapo), the only alpine parrot (the kea), the oldest reptile (the tuatara), the biggest earthworms, the smallest bats, and some of the rarest birds and insects.

lizardDuring his trek from the north to the south of New Zealand, Colin examined unique plants, glowworms, kiwis, lizards, insects, and other wildlife that is found only in this unusual country. His journey included a stop at Invercargill, the southernmost city in the world. Here he visited the "tuatara house," where some of the reptiles are over 100 years old! He also ventured off the coast to Stewart Island, where the rich forests are home to many of New Zealand's native bush birds, such as kiwis, kakas, tuis, and parakeets.

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