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Curriculum Connections
Curriculum connections for this online activity include:

American History:

Slavery, Underground Railroad, Abolitionists and Harriet Tubman, Civil War

Language Arts:

Critical reading, Writing historical fiction, Decoding/Word identification,


Map skills

Activities & Resources
For a wealth of student activities and resources about the Underground Railroad, see:
  • Slideshows
    Slideshows of important themes in American history with images and audio.
  • Activities
    Activities, online and offline, that investigate the people, places, and events of the 1800s.
  • Primary Sources
    Primary sources like interviews, photographs, and posters to help understand this historic time.
Activities & Resources
Photo Credits: Shackles © English School/Bridgeman Art Library/Getty Images, Slave poster © American School/Bridgeman Art Library/Getty Images, Plantation house © Visions of America/Joe Sohm (RF)/Getty Images.