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Room One: A Mystery or Two

Room One: A Mystery or Two
written by Andrew Clements, read by Keith Nobbs

Ted Hammond loves a good mystery, and in the spring of his fifth-grade year, he's working on a big one. For starters, what can he do to keep the only school in his town from closing?
But the real mystery has to do with the girl’s face he sees in the window of the Andersons' house. A face in a window isn’t such a mystery…unless the window belongs to an empty house that’s been boarded up tight for two years.

Room One: A Mystery or Two
176 pages
Amazing Hardcover Value $ 5.95
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Room One: A Mystery or Two Book and Audio CDs
Room One: A Mystery or Two
Book and Audio CDs
176 pages, CD Running Time:
2 hrs., 55 min., 13 sec.
Hardcover and 3 CDs—only $12.95.

Read what people are saying—and raving—about Room One!

“Andrew Clements has done it again. Readers of Frindle and The Landry News have come to expect Clements' cast of believable, loveable characters and a plot line that takes some unusual twists and turns. Clements always gives the reader ideas to mull over long after the last page is read.” -- Children's Literature

“…the story is strong enough that readers will want to find out what will become of Ted's vulnerable new friend...The convincing, contemporary rural setting is an inextricable element of the novel, which is illustrated with small black-and-white sketches that enhance the refreshingly innocent tone of the story.” -- Booklist

“Nobb also ably handles a variety of other voices, including April's Southern twang, drawing listeners in to a story that demonstrates Clements's talent for speaking convincingly to the minds and hearts of middle-graders.” -- Publishers Weekly, Audio Review

“…engaging middle-grade mystery...Once again, Clements offers readers an intelligent protagonist, trustworthy adults, an interesting school situation and a real-life problem in a story that moves swiftly enough even for reluctant readers.” -- Kirkus Reviews

“There is a good balance of seriousness and humor with brisk, realistic dialogue and observations…Clements's usual excellent sense of character is evident. Both adults and young people are multidimensional, with true-to-life emotions and concerns. There is also a strong message about responsibility and individual courage. The conclusion is unexpected but satisfying, as both the lost family and the struggling town find hope for the future.” -- School Library Journal

“This was my favorite book by Andrew Clements. You don't have to like mysteries to like this book. It's more adventure than mystery. It makes you keep on wanting to read until you've finished.” -- A reviewer, a 6th grade student from Pennsylvania.

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