What do you know about dinosaurs? You could write a report to inform your readers about dinosaurs. But there are other genres you can use to show what you know about dinosaurs. You could write a dinosaur poem, a newspaper article about a dinosaur, a journal entry about the day in the life of a dinosaur, a dinosaur biography, a dinosaur myth, or even a dinosaur mystery! The trick is that all the dinosaur information has to be true!

The challenge: Pick a genre. Use this genre to show us what you know about dinosaurs. Your writing must include at least three dinosaur facts. They can be about a single dinosaur, or about more than one dinosaur. You might write about dinosaur size, dinosaur diets, how dinosaurs became extinct, or any other dinosaur information you know. You could even do research to find out new information about dinosaurs to include in your writing.

After you finish writing, you can publish your work online by clicking the "Write your own" button.