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Dig deep into top science topics with online activities and expert input from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
Animals, Adaptation, and the Galápagos Islands
Collect the Clues
Make the Match
Unlock the Mystery
Interview With Paleontologist Dr. Niles Eldredge
Backyard Science
Darwin Exhibit
More Darwin Resources
Classify Insects
Classify This
Name a Bug Challenge
Interview With Entomologist Dr. Toby Schuh
Backyard Science
More Insect Resources
Journey Into Space
Moon Olympics
Activate Asteroids!
Interview With Astrophysicist Dr. Michael Shara
Backyard Science
More Space Resources
Investigate the Giant Squid
The Giant Quest: Squid Mysteries
Take Action!
Interview With Paleontologist Dr. Neil Landman
Backyard Science
More Giant Squid Resources
Soar With Bats
Bats Belong: Make a Book
Batch Watch: What Do Bats Eat?
Interview With Mammalogist Dr. Nancy Simmons
More Bat Resources
Uncover Lizards & Snakes
Meet the Squamates
Backyard Science
Lizards & Snakes Exhibit
More Squamate Resources
10 Science Web Hunts
Web Hunts for Grades 3-6
Web Hunts for Grades 6-10
The Kids' Environmental Report Card
Write an Issue Letter
Send a Tree-Free eCard
Exploration Reference Library
Writing With Scientists: Publish Science Reports Online audio icon
Save the Planet Moderated Message Board
More From the American Museum of Natural History
OLogy: Activities for Kids
Science Bulletins: Current Research About the Natural World
Young Naturalists Awards
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