Journey Into Space: Gravity, Orbits, and Collisions

Gravity, temperature, and atmosphere combine to make Earth our perfect home. Your challenge: Imagine how different it would be to try to live your life on another planet.

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Comet (kom-it)
An icy rock that travels around the Sun. Some comets appear to have bright tails.

Earth (urth)
The third planet from the Sun, it's located between Venus and Mars

Galaxy (gal-uhk-see)
A very large group of stars and planets such as the Milky Way

Meteor (mee-tee-ur)
A piece of rock and/or metal from space that enters the Earth's atmosphere at high speed, vaporizes, and forms a streak of light as it falls to the Earth. Most meteors - or shooting stars -- are as small as a grain of rice!

Moon (moon)
The satellite that moves around the Earth approximately once every 28 days and reflects light from the Sun

Planet (plan-it)
A large object circling the Sun

Satellite (sat-uh-lite)
1. A spacecraft that is sent into orbit around the Earth, the Moon, or another space object
2. A moon -- or other space object -- that travels in an orbit around a larger space object

Solar System (soh-lur siss-tuhm)
The Sun and the other space objects that move in orbit around it

Star (star)
A ball of gases in space