Source: Multicultural Math

Toma Todo from Mexico

Children and grown-ups in Mexico often play Toma Todo. They use a six-sided top called a Pirinola or Topa. Probably the word Topa comes from the English word "top." Two or more people play the game. In this game, winning depends on luck, not on how well the people play. Will you be lucky?

Write the Spanish words you see in the diagram.
They mean:
Toma Uno
Toma Dos
Toma Todo
Pon Uno
Pon Dos
Todos Ponen
Take One
Take Two
Take All
Put One
All Put


To Start: Each person should have ten chips or counters. Each player puts two chips in the center, called the "pot."
To Play: Take turns spinning the Pirinola once each. When it comes to rest, read aloud the instructions on the highest part of the top. The player may be told to take one or two or all the chips from the pot. Or the player may have to put one or two chips into the pot. "Todos Ponen" means that every player places two chips into the pot. When only one or two chips remain in the pot, every player places two chips into the pot.
To Finish: Decide before you start how many rounds you will play. A player who does not have enough chips to play drops out of the game. The winner is the person with the most chips at the end of the game.