As Lewis and Clark went on their expedition west, they found lots of new plants, animals and minerals that they had never seen before. President Thomas Jefferson had told Lewis and Clark that they should send examples of these new finds back to him.

Just like Lewis and Clark, you are going to collect objects as you follow the journey west. These collection points are scattered throughout the activity. Can you see where the collection point is on this page? When you find one, you can either print it out or save it onto your computer.

Once you find an object, you must take notes about it. You need to tell the President where you found it, what it is, why you think it is important, and any other information you think is important.

Then, before you send it to the President, it is important to pack it away. Below are the directions for making your own specimen box.

Supplies needed:

  • A shoe box or other small, lidded box
  • Glue
  • Colorful construction paper, paint, permanent markers, crayons, and/or glitter.


  1. Print the page of box labels.
  2. Pick one of the people who you will be throughout the journey. You can either pick a person who was in the Corps or you can play yourself.
  3. Glue the label on to the box and decorate the box as you like.
  4. As you collect the objects and write about them, print them out and put them into the box.
  5. You are done when you have all six objects. Good luck!


to Meet the Team

Congratulations, you have found one of the objects for the specimen box!

Lewis and Clark's missions was to create a map of the lands they went through. Click here to add the map to your specimen box or click here for a printable version.