Colonial Period

Colonial Period (1607 - 1776)

From Pilgrims to the Declaration of Independence, discover what life was like during the Colonial Period.

Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War (1775 - 1781)

Explore the American Colonies as they come of age and declare their independace from Britain.

Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion (1804 - 1890)

Follow explorers as they make their way west to find new homes and discover gold.

Civil War

Civil War (1861 - 1865)

March through the bloodiest war fought on American soil in history.

Turn of the 20th Century

Turn of the Century (1900 - 1920)

Campaign for women's rights as World War I rages and immigrants pour into the United States.

The Great Depression

The Great Depression (1930 - 1939)

Endure the hardships caused by the stock market crash.

Word War II

WWII (1900 - 1945)

Rally the troops on the American home front, after an attack on Pearl Harbor changes the country.

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