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Observe: Track Clouds in the Sky
Step 3: Take the Quiz

Test your observation skills and cloud knowledge!

1. Clouds are made of:

a. water droplets
b. tiny ice pieces
c. cotton
d. both (a) and (b)

2. Clouds drop their water droplets when:

a. the wind blows
b. the sun shines
c. bigger drops form
d. water turns to ice

3. Clouds that form high towers are called:

a. towers
b. cumulus
c. stratus
d. nimbus

4. Clouds that form flat shapes are called:

a. pancakes
b. cirrus
c. stratus
d. nimbus

5. You can tell a cloud is a cumulonimbus cloud when it:

a. looks white
b. is very flat
c. looks thin
d. drops rain or snow