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Lesson 1: Beginning Consonants
Lesson 2: Letter Recognition
Lesson 3: Short Vowels
Lesson 4: Long Vowels
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Teacher's Guide
Early readers practice important phonemic awareness and phonics skills as they actively listen to words read aloud and select which words to include in their Clifford Interactive Storybooks. The online activities provide meaningful learning experiences that engage students in building storybooks, and together with these lessons, help students connect sounds to letters and enhance their reading vocabulary.
General Objectives
Students will:
• Develop phonemic awareness skills
• Recognize consonant sound-spellings
• Distinguish easily confused letter pairs
• Recognize common short and long vowel sound-spellings
• Read stories containing high-frequency words
• Interact with the computer to create new text
• Understand that changing one word in a sentence can change the meaning of the entire sentence