Arrow Readers, Picked the Pup!
Vote for the Next Pet trouble Dog
Look for the new Petrouble book, Dachshund Disaster, coming to Arrow in spring 2010!
It stars an adorable dachshund named King, who drives his ten-year-old owner, Charlie, crazy!
Thanks for voting, Arrow readers!
Runners-Up: These dogs didn’t win, but they’re still lovable!
Portuguese Water Dog
German Shepherd
Jack Russell Terrier
Labrador Retriever
Have You Met All the Pups?
Will Parker’s lovable new puppy ever obey? Hilarious!
Can Ella win the talent show with a beagle? Funny!
Rosie’s new pet is her complete opposite—a mess!
Eric’s bulldog, Meatball, sits, slobbers, and snores! Phooey!
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