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Physical Science
Earth Science
Life Science
Science TopicInvestigation Title  
Physical Science
Changes in MatterHow can you force a physical change in matter?

CircuitsHow can you make a flashlight shine brighter?

Simple Machines/LeversHow can you lift four times your weight?

FrictionRoll With The Changes

Simple Physics/SoundGood Vibrations

Shadows and LightThe Shadow Knows

Static ElectricityHair Raising Science

Chemistry/Acids and BasesEgg-Citing Science

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Earth Science
ErosionHow does rain shape the earth?

Air and TemperatureThe Air Is There

Water Temperature and DensityThat Sinking Feeling

Cloud Formation/CondensationWeather or Not

SeasonsLet the Sun Shine In

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Life Science
EcosystemsHow does acid rain affect an ecosystem?

Water Movement in PlantsSpring is Sprung

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