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1. Investigate the Facts
When people hear the word adapt, one of the first things that comes to mind is "fitting in." People are always having to adapt or change to different situations or places.

For animals, including people, adaptation is often a matter of life or death! If they don't adapt in certain ways to their surroundings, they will not survive. Humans even use technology to adapt. Think of the space suits used by astronauts to control their temperature and for breathing so they can survive space travel.

Technology may be okay for humans to use, but for the rest of the animals in the world, adaptation means having certain body parts or behaviors that allow the animals to survive and thrive in their environments.

Got the idea? Then you're ready to observe and record.

Learn more about:
Animal Adaptations
There are countless examples of animal adaptations in the world. Here are a few examples.

Sharks: Body Parts
Foxes: Camouflage
Raccoons: Behavior
Bears: Hibernation

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