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READING/LANGUAGE ARTS: Children's Literature

Internet Discussion Groups

One of the most exciting aspects of the Internet is the opportunity to communicate with a wide range of people with similar interests. Subscribing to a mailing list is one way to do this. When you subscribe to a mailing list, you join a community of people passionately interested in the same topic. E-mail messages are sent to a single address and then sent on to every member of the list.

The following are three well-established mailing lists devoted to children's literature.

Child_Lit is a list devoted to the scholarly discussion of children's literature. Academics, librarians, publishers, editors, and authors all are active on the list. For more information, visit the Web site above:

To subscribe, send the following message to: [email protected]

SUB child_lit your first name last name
(Example: SUB child_lit monica edinger)
KIDLIT-L is a discussion group focused on children's literature, involving teachers, librarians, students, and others interested in the field. It is more focused on using children's literature in the classroom than is Child_lit.

To subscribe, send the following message to: [email protected].

Subscribe KIDLIT-L your first name last name
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