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April Is the Funniest Month

This month you are allowed to laugh aloud! Yes, April is humor month. So sit back, grab your mouse, and get ready to grin.

Watch out. There's a stampede over at St. Cronan's School. It seems to be taking place on their Elephant Jokes page. Here you can find out what Tarzan says when he sees a herd of elephants in the distance. Or you can get instructions on how to get an elephant in your fridge! We all want an elephant in the fridge, right? By the way, why did the elephant cross the road? (Chicken's day off!) While you're there, check out all the other things the kids at St. Cronan's are doing!

Grab a few chuckles at Mike's Jokes for kids where you can choose from loads of jokes that Mike thinks up on his own. There are also submissions from other kids, so you'll never run out of fresh material. Mike also asks readers to submit their own.

Ready for something a little different? What do you get when you cross a doodle with a riddle? A droodle! Try them at The Droodles Homepage where kids from two to ninety-two can test their skill at deciphering these visual riddles. Just click on the picture for the answer to the droodle of the week; then visit the Droodle Archives for more mind-bending fun. Got one of your own? Send it in!

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Mike's Jokes for Kids

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