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Summer Reading

For some children, reading is a natural enticement on a beautiful summer day, while others think the end of the school year means they won't open a book until September. Children should keep reading all summer, of course. However, finding just the right book for a reluctant reader can be a challenge. Here are some sites to help children, teachers, and parents find just the right book for lazy, summer reading.

On-Lion for Kids
At this New York Public Library site, you can find a terrific collection of book lists to aid you and your students in finding great summer reads. Every summer the Library develops a special summer reading program, usually focusing on a particular genre or theme.

The Dalton School Middle School Library Summer Reading Lists
At my middle school, librarian Roxanne Hsu Feldman creates reading lists for grades 4-8. This year, some of my fourth graders helped her select and annotate the list for their grade. An excellent feature: The lists are divided by grades, such as the "4th into 5th Grade List."

Share What You Are Reading
At this site you will find reviews of children's books written by children themselves. There are several categories from which to choose, such as fantasy, historical, and funny. Not only are reviews available to read, but children are encouraged to post their own reviews as well. These are checked for suitable content, but otherwise posted as the children write them.

Children's Literature: Lots of Lists
Within David Brown's excellent Children's Literature Web Guide is this page full of links to best-book lists of all kinds. If you have an especially reluctant or picky reader perhaps one of these lists will provide the perfect book!

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On-Lion for Kids

The Dalton School Middle School Library Summer Reading Lists

Share What You Are Reading

Children's Literature: Lots of Lists