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Who Said That?

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Can your students identify the playwright who wrote this line? If not, they can find the author of this quotation, and others from ancient and modern literature, simply by checking The Bartleby Library.

The days of struggling through books upon books for that perfect phrase to end an essay with, relevant line of poetry for your sister's wedding, or elegant lead-in quote for an oral report, are finally over. Today, you and your students can quickly link to sites like the Quotations Home Page where you just plug in a theme, and voila — a list of quotes appears on the screen.

Having trouble motivating your math class? Then, start each lesson with topic-related, inspirational words of wisdom from the award-winning Mathematical Quotations Server. If you can't keep them awake, then maybe Einstein and Plato can!

Also be sure to check out Quoteland! The site has a wide range of quotes in the archives -- everything from silly quotes from celebrities and politicians to quotes on sports, friends, dreams, and the holidays! Also, take a tour around the reference library for some inspirational literary quotes from big time authors.

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