Anne Frank Home

Anne and Hanneli: Memories

A bookcase hides the entrance to the Secret Annex Anne Goes Into Hiding
Germany invades the Netherlands in May 1940. The Jewish people living there are no longer safe. Every day, there are more anti-Jewish laws restricting freedoms. Jewish people are now forced to wear yellow stars; Jewish businesses are turned over to non-Jews; and Jews are not allowed to be outside of their homes between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Then, on July 5, Anne's sister, Margot, receives a summons to report to a forced-labor camp in Germany. Fearing for their freedom and even their lives, the Franks go immediately into hiding.

On July 6, 1942, just weeks after Anne's 13th birthday, the Frank family disappears into the Secret Annex behind Mr. Frank's office.

A few days later, Hanneli goes over to Anne's house to visit with her friend. A neighbor tells Hanneli that the Franks are gone. He says they have fled to Switzerland. Hanneli is devastated. Anne never said good-bye.

Anne and her family are in hiding for two years. During that time, Anne writes constantly in her diary. In an eerie entry dated November 27, 1943, Anne writes of a haunting dream in which Hanneli is dying and seeks Anne's help. In her diary, Anne questions why she lives while Hanneli does not.

Read the Interview Anne's dream is particularly haunting because ultimately it is Anne who dies, not Hanneli. What does Hanneli think about this dream today? Find out by reading Hanneli's interview with students.

Write about it Going into hiding must have been very scary for Anne and her family. It took courage to live each day not knowing what would happen next. Learn about others who battled to survive in Stories of Courage.

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