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How do kids across the country feel about having to wear school uniforms? In March and April of 1997, an astounding 81% of kids polled on Scholastic's Web site said that public school students should not be required to wear school uniforms. But who makes up the 81%? Are they mostly boys or girls? Are they from the South, North, East, or West? Check the survey charts to find out!

We asked you to tell us

  • If public school students should be required to wear uniforms.
  • Whether wearing school uniforms makes students less or more competitive about clothing.
  • What colors you would select for school uniforms, if wearing uniforms became the law.

Now you can find out what Scholastic kids think. And you can test your math smarts by using the charts and questions below:

Check out the charts:
* School Uniforms: Yes or No (by region)
* Do School Uniforms Make Kids More or Less Competitive About Clothing? (by grade)
* Favorite School Uniform Colors (by gender)