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Big Top Carnival

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Detectives, I need your help with a most unusual case! This morning, I decided to go to the Big Top Carnival and take a spin on its brand-new Fantastic Ferris Wheel. Today was the first day of the carnival, so I arrived at the gate a few minutes before it opened. It seemed like the whole town was there! Suddenly, a frantic man ran up to me.

"Math Maven, you have to help me!" he exclaimed. "I'm the Big Top Carnival owner, P. T. Tumbledum. I have a disaster on my hands."

"Slow down and tell me exactly what's going on," I said.

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"We advertised that every 10th person who rides our Fantastic Ferris Wheel would receive a free ice cream cone," explained Tumbledum. "But I just discovered that someone left the carnival freezer open last night, and all the ice cream has melted. My reputation will be ruined if I don't come up with another prize fast!"

"I have the perfect prize," I said, pointing to Benny's Balloon Shop across the street. A sign in the window read: "TODAY'S SPECIAL: 10 balloons only $1.00!"

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"Balloons! Genius!" exclaimed Tumbledum. "Math Maven, you're magnificent. But how much will this cost?"

"Well, let's see," I said, scratching my head. "How many people can fit in each ferris wheel basket?"

"Each basket carries 3 people," answered P. T. Tumbledum. "And with this crowd, we'll fill every one!"

"And how many baskets are on your ferris wheel?"

"Why, the Fantastic Ferris Wheel has 15 baskets," he said proudly. "It's the largest ferris wheel around!"

"Now, how many ferris wheel rides run every hour?"

"10 rides," he said.

"You're open for 8 hours, right?" I asked.

"Yes, yes, Math Maven," he said, looking puzzled. "All these numbers are starting to confuse me. I need your help � fast!"

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Solve the Mystery

There isn't much time, super sleuths. The Big Top Carnival is about to open. How much will it cost P. T. Tumbledum to buy enough balloons for every 10th person who rides the Fantastic Ferris Wheel today? (Assume that the Fantastic Ferris Wheel is filled to capacity all day long.)


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