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The Case of the Virtual Pet 2000

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Detectives, there has been a shocking case of robbery in the toy world. It started the other day, when I went to the National Toy Convention to see the Virtual Pet 2000. The Virtual Pet 2000 is the coolest product since the Rubik's cube — as you take care of this virtual pet, it transforms from a plastic egg into an almost real, but very small, dinosaur!

This new virtual pet is the only one of its kind and was to be auctioned to the highest bidder the next day. While I checked out the new toy, I overheard a discussion between three famous collectors (and notorious villains):

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Fred Funguy"I'd trade in every Gamegeek I own for a Virtual Pet 2000," said Fred Funguy, who owns every new toy ever made.

"Oh yeah? Well, I'd scrap my jet-powered snowboard for one," said Gidget Gizmo. Gidget owns only the newest and most high-tech gadgets.

Gidget Gizmo"That's nothing! I'd give my boa constrictor and my camel to a zoo if I could only have a Virtual Pet 2000!" exclaimed Zooey Fyle, who has every kind of pet imaginable.

Detectives, the very next afternoon, sometime between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., the Virtual Pet 2000 disappeared! I knew it had to be one of the three collectors. I brought them together to ask where they'd been during the two hours in which the crime took place. Here's what they had to say:

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Fred Funguy: "Well, for 3/4 of that time I was at home playing Lifemaster on my Gamegeek. I spent 2/3 of the remaining time reading the latest issue of How to Win at Everything magazine."

Zooey FileGidget Gizmo: "For 1/3 of that time I was riding my 80-speed mountain bike. And for 1/2 of those two hours, I was in the park listening to my CD wristplayer."

Zooey Fyle: "Well, I walked King, my kangaroo, for 1/4 of the time. With 1/3 of the time I had left, I went home and fed my hummingbirds."

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Solve the Mystery

I estimate that it must have taken at least 50 minutes to swipe the Virtual Pet 2000. Read the three statements above and, assuming that the collectors were each telling the truth, tell me who had enough time to take the terrific toy.

Math Maven Helpful Hint: Remember that you are figuring out which collector had enough time left over from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. to steal the Virtual Pet 2000. Be sure to read each of their stories carefully and subtract the time they spent doing other things from the total time.

Was it:

 Fred Funguy?
 Gidget Gizmo?
 Zooey Fyle?
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