Max's Math Adventures

My name is Max, and this is the truth.
I'm six and a half. My best friend is Ruth.
We like to solve problems all about math,
Like adding, subtracting, patterns, and graphs.

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Skill Difficulty*
Fantastical Zoo Shapes *
Super Stars Counting to 30 *
Perfect Parade Comparing & Ordering *
Max's Measuring Mania Linear Measurement *
Farmer Fred's Counting Fun Whole Number Addition Up to 10 *
Summer Mystery Garden Sorting & Classifying **
Tooth Patterns **
Card Castle Addition Addition **
Subtraction Square Dance Subtraction **
Zeke and Zack Equal Parts (fractions) **
Counting Coins Counting to 100 **
Size by your Eyes Size Comparison **
A Sweet Story Estimation Up to 100 **
The Snowball Time ***
Ice Cream Shop Money ***
Training Wheels! Adding 2-Digit Numbers ***
A Hairy Situation Simple Graphing ***
Magnifying Max Number Patterns ***
Dr. Proctor's Multiplying Machine Concrete Multiplication ***

  *     *  Easy       **  Medium       ***  Difficult