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  Max's Math Adventures

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Max and Ruthie think about ice cream.
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My name is Max, and this is the truth.
I’m six and a half. My best friend is Ruth.
We love sweets, so sometimes we stop
At a place called Beekman’s Ice Cream Shop.


Beekman's Ice Cream Shop

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We were at Beekman's, just Ruthie and me
We stood there and Beekman said, "What'll it be?"
I said, "We'll have a Slurkie — no, make it a Slushie
With peanuts on top — and not a bit mushy.

"And then while you're at it, here's what to do:
Drown it in chocolatey caramely goo.
Pour on butterscotch, and other good stuff.
Then dump on a bucket of marshmallow Fluff.

"Add sasparilla, and wild cherry flavor
And, oh, while you're at it, could you do us a favor?
Top it with whipped cream, and some green juju-bees.
That's what we want. Could you make us that, please?"

Well, old Mr. Beekman, he smiled sort of funny.
Here's what he said:"You got any money?"
"Money?" we said. Then we reached in our jeans
Pulled out 2 quarters and 5 jelly beans
3 nickels, 2 dimes and a Barbie doll shoe
Plus 8 shiny pennies, then we asked, "Will this do?"

"Will this do?" he repeated. "Well, I don't mean to holler
But the Slushie you want costs exactly one dollar.
So count up your money, yes, that would be nice.
And make very sure, ‘cause one dollar's my price."

So now can you help us? Do we have enough?
To buy that big Slushie with all that good stuff?
So count up our money and don't make a mistake

‘Cause we're getting real hungry, and we don't like to wait.

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Max's Challenge

Using the coins on the Activity Page, find out if Ruthie and I have enough money to buy a Slushie? Once you figure it out, come back and let us know how much money we have.

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