Max's Math Adventure

  Max's Math Adventures

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Max lying on the floor with a magnifying glass
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One day after class
I took my magnifying glass.
I held it low and looked right through
Until something came into view.


Magnifying Max

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Two ants walked across the floor.
They were followed by 4 more.
Next were 6 ants looking great.
Then came along a group of 8.

In marched 10 more happy ants.
Then came 12 doing a dance!
If each group of ants grows bigger by 2,
How many come next? We haven't a clue!

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Max's Challenge

If each group of ants continues to grow by two, then how many ants are in the next group? For help, use the Activity Page.

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The next group includes:
13 ants
14 ants
24 ants