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  Max's Math Adventures

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Max pets a fantastical zoo animal
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Welcome to the Fantasical Zoo.
I’m Max, your Fantastical Keeper.
In my zoo you’ll find every kind
Of fantastical crawler and creeper.


Max's Fantastical Zoo

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Take, for example, just one sample
Of animals from our cages.
Your eyes will feast on critters and beasts
You won't see in animal book pages.

In Cage 1-A [one a], we have on display
A Square-Haired, Round-Headed Furkle.
It has a clump of red hair, shaped in a square
And a head that goes around in a circle.

Over here you can see, in Cage 2-D
A Rectangular Babysitting Bore.
This rectangular critter is a great babysitter,
But it tends to doze off and snore.

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Right now take a view, in Cage 3-Q
Of a family of Fighting Blue Yovals.
These battling brutes wear triangular boots
And have bodies shaped like ovals.

And now look beyond the goldfish pond
At the Bouncing Basketball Jandles.
They come from Mars, are shaped like stars,
And play basketball in hot red sandals.

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Over here you'll observe, around the next curve
The Chuckling Noodle-Eating Churts.
These diamond-shaped blobs eat pasta like slobs,
And wipe greasy paws on their shirts.

So now that you've viewed the Fantastical Zoo,
It's time to show what you saw.
At the very least, make a sketch of one beast
So get out your crayons and draw.

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Max's Challenge

Draw and write about at least one of the animals from the Fantastical Zoo. Use the shapes on the Activity Page to help you put your animal together. Then add features that are not described in the poem, like hair, eye color, clothing, etc. Tell Ruthie and me what your animal looks like:

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