The people who help us support you and your students
Primary Area of Expertise
These authors focus on the unique needs of children ages 5–9. Their research ranges from building a strong reading foundation for early learners (phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary) to using leveled books to accelerate reading growth and promote a love of reading.
Isabel Beck, Ph.D. Isabel Beck, Ph.D.
• Professor of Education and Senior Scientist, Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh
• Author of Text Talk
Elfrieda “Freddy” H. Hiebert, Ph.D. Elfrieda “Freddy” H. Hiebert, Ph.D.
• Visiting Research Professor, University of California, Berkeley
• Advisor on Zip Zoom
Nell K. Duke, Ph.D. Nell K. Duke, Ph.D.
• Associate Professor of Teacher Education and Learning, Technology, and Culture,
Michigan State University
• Author of Professional books, Early Childhood and Nonfiction Libraries
• Advisor on ReadingLine
Phyllis C. Hunter Phyllis C. Hunter
• President, Phyllis C. Hunter Consulting, Inc.
• Author of Phyllis C. Hunter Classroom Libraries
• Advisor on ReadingLine and Fluency Formula
Cathy Collins Block, Ph.D. Cathy Collins Block, Ph.D.
• Professor of Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Texas Christian University
• Author of Scholastic Early Childhood Program and Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success
Margaret “Moddy” G. McKeown, Ph.D. Margaret “Moddy” G. McKeown, Ph.D.
• Senior Scientist, Learning Research and Development Center,
University of Pittsburgh
• Author of Text Talk
Marilyn Burns Marilyn Burns
• Marilyn Burns Education Associates Math Solutions Professional Development
• Author of Marilyn Burns Math Classroom Libraries
Gay Su Pinnell Gay Su Pinnell
• Professor, School of Teaching and Learning, the Ohio State University
• Author of Scholastic Guided Reading Fiction (Red), Nonfiction (Blue), and Content Areas Programs
Ruth Culham, Ed.D.
• President, The Culham Writing Company
• Author of 6+1 Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide
• Advisor on ReadAbout
Tim Rasinski, Ph.D. Tim Rasinski, Ph.D.
• Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, Reading and Writing Center, Kent State University
• Advisor on Fluency Formula
Linda Diamond Linda Diamond
• Executive Vice President, CORE, Inc.
• Advisor on READ 180
• Faculty, Scholastic RED

Rick Wagner, Ph.D. Rick Wagner, Ph.D.
• Alfred Binet Professor of Psychology, Associate Director of the Florida Center for Reading Research, Florida State University