Taking Action to Motivate Learning and Improve Comprehension

Muhammad Ali Presents Go the Distance!™ is a research-based classroom library that actively engages students with inquiry-based instruction. Develop comprehension skills through high interest trade books and a curriculum that makes reading relevant to your students' lives. Created in collaboration with Muhammad and Lonnie Ali, Go the Distance! focuses on increasing student motivation.

Each grade-level library is based on the core values and ideas that have guided Muhammad Ali to overcome obstacles in order to achieve greatness. Students make personal connections to the ideas of confidence, conviction, determination, respect, mentoring, and sharing through inquiry-based instruction that focuses on a success-oriented curriculum that encourages students to "go the distance!"

Muhammad Ali Presents Go the Distance
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Muhammad Ali's New Fight: Literacy CBS evening news anchor Katie Couric interviews Lonnie Ali!
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"Teaming Up with Muhammad and Lonnie Ali."
Feature Article by Sally Lodge. Children's Bookshelf
(Publishers Weekly.com). Nov. 16, 2006
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New Children's Book Collection Bears Boxing Great's Name
Feature Article by James Prichard. Associated Press
(AssociatedPress.com). December 3, 2006.
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Go the Distance!TM

  • Empowers students to discover the significance of reading.
  • Motivates learning using a curricular approach that encourages personal relevance.
  • Provides an easy-to-follow instructional model.
  • Provides flexibility to be implemented as a complement to any core reading program.

Three libraries available!

Library A
Grades 3–4
Library B
Grades 5–6
Library C
Grades 7–8
Library A
Library B
Library C

Each Classroom Library Includes:
  • 96 books (click here for title lists PDF)
  • 25 copies of Scholastic Scope®: Special Edition for small-group instruction
  • Professional Guide
  • Teacher Resources CD with printable lesson plans
  • Book Notes for read-aloud titles
  • Professional Development Paper by Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm
  • Classroom Poster
  • Display Box

Based on the experience and research of Drs. Jeffrey Wilhelm and Alfred Tatum, Go the Distance!builds connections to literature, by presenting and modeling strategies that improve comprehension, boost vocabulary, and develop knowledge of literary elements.

Learn more about our academic advisors!
Dr. Jeffrey D. Wilhelm Dr. Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
Associate Professor,
Boise State University
Learn More
Dr. Alfred W. Tatum Dr. Alfred W. Tatum
Assistant Professor,
Northern Illinois University
Learn More

For more information on Muhammad Ali and the Muhammad Ali Center, please visit www.alicenter.org.

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