Tim Rasinski Presents: Fabulously Famous Books for Building Fluency
Grades K-8
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Engage students with rich children's literature as a springboard to fluent reading.
As the title suggests, these books are both fabulous and famous, and use speeches, journals, letters, poetry and other formats to improve fluency. These are books students love to read, love to hear, and even love to act out. Each title is connected to a specific strategy for building fluency, with information on how to use reading aloud, paired reading, recorded materials, radio reading, and even mumble reading!

Three Levels Available!
K Is For Kissing A Cool Kangaroo A Kick In The Head American Poetry
Level A
(Grades K–2)
Level B
(Grades 3–5)
Level C
(Grades 6–8)

Students at all levels will find success in improving fluency and have fun too. Teachers will find the Professional Guide very practical, innovative, and packed with ideas on bringing oral reading for fluency into a busy classroom. A section on how to conduct assessments is also included.

  • Improve reading comprehension through improved fluency
  • Develop the "meta-language" of fluency, including concepts such as expression, intonation, and phrasing
  • Create proficient readers through oral reading instruction--helps silent reading too!
  • Boost reading comprehension using speeches, journals, letters, poetry, and other formats

Each level includes:
  • 64 authentic trade books (32 titles, 2 copies each)
    >Download Title Lists (PDF)
  • Professional Guide (authored by Dr. Rasinski)
  • Teacher Resources CD (click to see sample)
  • Three-Minute Reading Assessments
    • Professional book authored by Dr. Rasinski that includes everything you need to assess all aspects of reading fluency and comprehension
  • Daily Word Ladders
    • Professional book authored by Dr. Rasinski that includes engaging, reproducible word-building games.
  • Now shipping with Attractive and Practical Storage Bins!
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Photo of Tim Rascinski
Dr. Timothy V. Rasinski, one of the nation's leading authorities on reading fluency, has conducted extensive research and created practical strategies to help developing and struggling readers become accurate and fluent decoders of words.
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