and give preschoolers an early start on language, literacy and social/emotional development.
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Now you can give preschoolers the foundation they need for kindergarten and beyond. Scholastic Cozy Corner is the innovative, research-based program that combines storytime, music and active conversations to help children practice skills that lead to future literacy success, and to develop the social/emotional

skills that prepare them for kindergarten. Best of all, Cozy Corner works across a variety of settings — in the classroom, the library and at home. Plus, it supports children of all cultural backgrounds and language abilities.

The path to early literacy skills begins with Cozy Corner's combination of stories, conversation and play!

Storytime Program Guide - Pick a Storytime theme and review the Storytime lesson plan.

Putumayo Kids CD - Get children ready for storytime.

Read-Aloud Big Book using interactive reading strategies as outlines in Storytime plan.

Use the Nursery Rhyme Flip Chart to reinforce action rhymes in theme.

Share Theme-Related Trade Books as read-alouds.

Use Character Cards to have children retell the story.

Extension & Take-Home Activities - Revisit the Program Guide for more activities for the classroom and home.

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What ages can benefit from Cozy Corner?
Cozy Corner is specially designed for older toddlers and younger preschoolers from about 2 to 4 years of age.
What early literacy skills does Cozy Corner support?
Cozy Corner focuses on 6 proven language and literacy skills: developing narrative skills, vocabulary, alphabetic knowledge, phonological awareness, print awareness and print motivation.
How does Cozy Corner support social/emotional development?
Cozy Corner focuses on age-specific storytime themes and instruction designed to support younger preschoolers, personal expressions and social communication.
Is Cozy Corner only for preschool teachers?
Cozy Corner supports early childhood educators, but it's also perfect for librarians and parents. That's because it works well in so many settings — from the classroom to the library to the home.
What comes in the complete Cozy Corner package?
For one price, each Cozy Corner kit comes with all the books, CDs, activities and strategies you need to help preschoolers build early literacy skills, including:

Instructional Resource Kit
Includes the comprehensive Program Guide (with support for ELLs and bilingual take home activities), nursery rhymes flip chart, plus an oversized big book carrying bag.

10 Complete Storytime Packs
You get a full set for each theme. The complete Cozy Corner package includes:
  • 10 Big Books
  • 20 Read-Aloud trade books
  • 10 Putumayo Kids CDs
  • 10 Different Mini Posters inviting children and
    adults to storytime
  • 10 Storytime Plans with background, conversations,
    actionsongs and rhymes, extension activities
  • 20 Character Card cut out pages
What are the 10 different story themes?
Theme Big Book
Up Down, All Around Itsy Bitsy Spider
by Iza Trapani
Jump for Joy! Miss Mary Mack
by Mary Ann Hoberman
On the Move Goodnight Gorilla
by Peggy Rathmann
Snap, Crackle, Moo! My Daddy Snores
by Nancy H. Rothstein
Munch a Bunch! I Am an Apple
by Jean Marzollo
1, 2, 3! Repeat After Me! Is Your Mama a Llama?
by Deborah Guarino
Beep! Beep! Vroom! Alphabet Rescue
by Audrey and Bruce Wood
Splish! Splash! My River
by Sheri Halpern
Rain or Sun, Stories are Fun! Caps, Hats, Socks, and Mitten
by Louise Borden
Imagine That! Bears! The Little Mouse, The Red, Ripe Strawberry...
by Don and Audrey Wood
What is the Scope & Sequence of Cozy Corner?
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