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Scholastic's K-3 Lesson Connections is now 40% off while supplies last! Lesson Connections enriches your core reading program with “just-right” leveled text featuring fiction and nonfiction, classics, contemporary, and award-winning favorites. Lesson Connections link to the comprehension strands of the scope and sequences of the following core reading programs:
  • Open Court Reading
  • Harcourt – Trophies
  • Houghton Mifflin Reading
  • Scott Foresman Reading

Built for flexible use, this program provides alternative text directly aligned with your weekly comprehension skill lessons!

Each Lesson Connections program is carefully leveled and correlated to the systematic, explicit instruction of your core reading program, ensuring a seamless teaching experience. Six copies each of 30 trade book titles provide essential support for reinforcing vocabulary and fluency development. Leveled books enhance the decoding, comprehension, phonics, inquiry and investigation, word study, and writing skills while scaffolding instruction for all students to become successful readers!

Each Lesson Connections Program Includes:

  • 180 Trade Books (30 titles, 6 copies each)
  • Instructional Teaching Cards for every title View Sample Teaching Card (PDF)
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Lesson Stickers
  • Teacher’s Resource CD including:
  • Attractive Display Box


Guide students to reading success with a collection of authentic leveled literature that supports the systematic explicit instruction provided in the Open Court Reading Program.  Leveled books support the decoding, comprehension, inquiry and investigation, and writing skills provided in the program while scaffolding instruction for students to become successful readers.
>Download Sample Title List (PDF)


Build independent successful readers with the just-right level of text and just-right reading skill instruction.  Enhance phonics and comprehension instruction with authentic leveled literature and teaching materials at the just-right level while supporting the direct reading teaching provided in Harcourt Trophies.
>Download Sample Title List (PDF)


Differentiate instruction and build strong reading skills with a collection of leveled texts and teaching materials that address comprehension, phonics, and word study skills in the Houghton Mifflin Reading Program. Books at the just-right level and scaffolded skill instruction build strategic readers that will love to read.
>Download Sample Title List (PDF)


Enhance reading achievement with authentic literature and nonfiction texts that reinforce the key reading concepts presented through the Scott Foresman Reading Program.  Collections are carefully leveled and correlated, creating a seamless teaching experience when reviewing and reteaching critical reading skills.  Optimize instruction by providing students with rich, scaffolded skill instruction and additional practice with authentic text at the just-right level.
>Download Sample Title List (PDF)
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