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Best books for developing oral proficiency,
academic language, and literacy skills
New Connections to English features carefully selected children’s literature to provide English language learners with access to academic language and the opportunity to build background knowledge. With these K–8 libraries, students can move through three early proficiency levels, increasing language and literacy at each level. The program also addresses the five components identified by the National Reading Panel and required by Reading First: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

The New Connections to English library has a variety of different genres and is designed for independent reading, partner reading, and read aloud in order to reach its goals of increasing proficiency levels and academic knowledge.

New Connections to English
will help English language learners:

  • Develop vocabulary and oral proficiency
  • Practice academic language
  • Utilize explicit and intentional reading strategies while learning about content area subject matter
  • Access curriculum content

The Professional Guide contains over 30 pages of strategies and professional development articles that assist educators in getting the maximum benefit from their classroom library. Topics include

  • Best practices for language acquisition
  • Benefits of partner reading
  • Language transfer issues


  • 100 Books: 2 copies of 45 authentic titles and 10 read-alouds
  • 7 Bestselling references books, including Scholastic’s Children’s Thesaurus and Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms
  • Professional Guide
  • Activity Resources CD with Black Line Masters
  • Proficiency Stickers and Title List
  • Display Box

Title Lists
Grade K (PDF)
Grade 1 (PDF)
Grade 2 (PDF)
Grade 3 (PDF)
Grade 4 (PDF)
Grade 5 (PDF)
Grade 6–8 (PDF)
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