Print-Rich Libraries

Classroom Books play an important role in more than just your classroom library. They should be integrated everywhere from students' desks to the media center. Click below on your grade level and see some great ideas on how to make your classroom a print-rich one.
Library Corner
Encourage independent reading! Children should be free to circulate and select books for their own interests and enjoyment.
Media Center
Get students interacting with books. Fill this area with audio equipment, computers, and software for a multi-sensory experience with text.
Teacher Table
Differentiate instruction, grow content knowledge and advance literacy skills with small groups. Trade books, big books and leveled titles, both fiction and nonfiction, help every child practice and apply what they’re learning.
Student Desks
Practice makes perfect with books and materials for independent work or skill reinforcement.
Reading Aloud
Expose students to more challenging texts than they may be able to read on their own while building vocabulary, oral language skills and comprehension—all by reading aloud.