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Whether you're expanding an existing Ready-To-Go classroom library or starting a classroom library from scratch, these new collections are a great beginning. Students will dig into reading with a wide variety of genres that contain today's Favorites, informative Nonfiction, and captivating titles for Independent Reading. No title overlap with original Ready-To-Go.

Each 25-book collection includes:

  • 20 titles, 1 copy each
  • 1 award-winning title,
    5 copies each
  • Free book bin
  • Activity sheet for multicopy award-winning title

Title Lists

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A convenient, cost-effective way to build an effective classroom library from the ground up.

Increase reading achievement with outstanding trade books that provide variety and engagement to meet your students' individual needs and interests. Ready-To-Go is our top selling library year after year, and is the ultimate foundation for every classroom library. These collections are selected by experienced educational professionals, and develop vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.

Each 100-book collection offers 85 individual titles, plus three award winning titles (5 copies each) - perfect for shared reading and small groups.

Plus, included for FREE!

Book bins for convenient storage.
Activity sheets to reinforce reading and writing skills for each five-book set.

Select from:

Favorites Collections that motivate and engage readers.

Independent Reading Collections that provide students at every
level with books they can read with accuracy and success.

Nonfiction Collections, that offer high interest content area titles
to build background knowledge.

For best value, order all three 100-book collections to create a
complete grade-level library of 300 books instantly!

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