Cathy Collins Block & John Mangieri Present

Grades 3–8


Word Forward offers teachers of students in Grades 3–8 a focused and fun way to build vocabulary and comprehension. The compelling titles expose students to a rich array of genres and allow teachers to model expert reading. Word Forward is flexible, and may be used as a stand-alone program or as a complement to other instruction. Based on the research of Dr. Cathy Collins Block and Dr. John Mangieri, each book has been carefully selected to teach a specific vocabulary learning strategy identified as effective through their research.

Students learn how to:
• Use context clues 
• Analyze words and their parts
• Focus on content area words
• Learn words and their histories

Three Levels Available!

fanA  fanB  fanC
Level A
(Grades 3–4)
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Level B
(Grades 4–5)
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Level C
(Grades 6 – 8)
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Each Word Forward level has:
► 36 books (12 titles; 3 copies each)
► Comprehensive Professional Guide:
  • 12 fast-paced Lesson Plans (PDF) that integrate vocabulary building, comprehension, and literary analysis 
  • Reproducible Teacher Book Notes to engage readers and model strategies
  • Mini-lessons and graphic organizers to reteach and extend learning
  • Reproducible ThinkMarks  to support students in small groups or pairs as they revisit the text after whole-group instruction 

Research Paper: The Effects of Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success on Students’ Reading Vocabulary and Comprehension Achievement

Title Lists

Extend Instruction!
Word Forward can be used on its own or in tandem with Block and Mangieri’s Powerful Vocabulary for Reading Success workbooks, purchased separately.

Dr. Block and Dr. Mangieri have also published, The Vocabulary-Enriched Classroom a Scholastic Professional book. This book offers cutting edge, word-learning strategies for all students, and is a nice companion to Word Forward.

Meet the Authors: Cathy Collins Block, John N. Mangieri
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