About Adria
Klein, Ph.D.

Adria Klein, Ph.D. is renowned for her work with school districts across the United States to support literacy instruction for striving readers, English language learners, and other student populations. Dr. Klein works with striving students across the grade levels and has taught reading on five continents. She has authored or co-authored many professional books and articles about guided reading and other literacy topics.

Helping build a lifelong

Dr. Klein is a professor emerita of reading education at CSU San Bernardino where she was the Chair of the Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education. A former president of the California Reading Association, she also served on the International Literacy Association’s Board of Directors. Currently, she is the director of a center focused on early literacy intervention at Saint Mary's College of California. She also serves as a reviewer for the professional journal The Reading Teacher.

Guided reading has always existed, but the nature of differentiating and providing scaffolds in small groups is fairly new. This means one student may need extra help in vocabulary, but the student next to them may need help with sentence structure. A student is not a level and a book is not a level either. A book has descriptors and factors that may make it difficult — but what makes it difficult for one student is not what makes it difficult for another student. Scholastic EDGE is meant to be a seamless partner within the classroom.