Striving Readers

Scholastic EDGE builds on students’ strengths and employs the term “striving” to describe readers who are 6 to 24 months below grade level. Carefully developed by literacy expert Adria Klein, Ph.D. Scholastic EDGE was created to provide powerful instructional strategies for teachers to use to better support striving readers in the classroom.

Who is the
EDGE Student?

Scholastic EDGE students are striving readers and EL students who are reading 6 to 24 months below grade level, as well as Pre-A students. The goal for Scholastic EDGE students is to make accelerated progress in order to bring them up to grade-level proficiency.


reading 6 to 24 months below grade level


affected by the “summer slide,” needing an extra boost after months away from school

English Language Learners

who are below level


Download an excerpt on key findings about striving readers from a Summary of Reseach & Expert Opinion on the Joy and Power of Reading by Lois Bridges.

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A student is not a LEVEL & a book is not a LEVEL either.

A book has descriptors & factors that may make it difficult —

but what makes it difficult for one student is not what makes it difficult for another student.