Why do Striving Readers Need Scholastic EDGE?

Scholastic EDGE is an in-class small-group approach that scaffolds instruction in a way that keeps students connected to the learning goals of the classroom and helps to close the achievement gap. Keeping students in class helps them stay connected to other parts of the whole class literacy block. It creates a “through line” of transferable strategies and skills that does not isolate or separate them, but allows them to remain a part of the classroom community.

Scholastic EDGE is designed to:

  • Motivate readers by providing successful reading experiences
  • Offer increasingly challenging age-appropriate leveled texts and related tasks to assure students grow as readers
  • Allow for students to make strong gains and have the opportunity to reach proficiency
  • Strengthen the connection between guided reading and the goals of independent reading, with the ultimate goal of independence and transfer

A Teacher
Friendly Approach

Unlike standard intervention programs, Scholastic EDGE offers a teacher-friendly approach, with clear, focused instruction that is easily and quickly implemented.

Scholastic EDGE features:

  • 270 engaging titles
  • Four-page teaching card for every title
  • Digital Supports for whole class connections
  • Title-specific graphic organizers (Levels A+)
  • Title-specific bookmarks (Levels J+) 

Kindergarten-specific resources including:

  • 2 Alphabet Books
  • 12 Lap Books for Shared Reading
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Robot Puppet

Scholastic EDGE uses
engaging, authentic text

Using engaging, authentic text, EDGE connects striving readers to relevant and essential content needed for future academic success.

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