The Home Library Effect: Transforming At-Risk Readers

To help kids develop a love of reading, put great books in their hands. Then watch in amazement as their worlds change.

Literacy Program Unites Students

Teen Trendsetters, a national mentoring program, pairs high school students with elementary school students who are falling behind in their literacy skills.

June 17, 2013

Most Important Lesson

If we want students to embrace reading now and always, then we need to keep at the forefront of our attention the rich, complex, and profound pleasures of reading.

Most Important Lesson

Partner Spotlight: David Banks, CEO of the Eagle Academy

Recently we were lucky enough to sit down with David C. Banks, President and CEO of the Eagle Academy Foundation, which runs the four award-winning Eagle Academy schools for young men from the inner city. We are proud to have David as a member of Scholastic’s FACE Advisory Council!

May, 2013

3rd Annual Scholastic FACE Symposium