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Family Literacy
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Facilitate the home-school connection, encourage shared reading among families, and keep young readers' skills growing. Scholastic's Family Literacy products make the transition between the classroom and the home seamless, efficient, and productive!
Even Start Packs
Grades PreK–K
Home involvement activities that really work…because they are easy to do, interactive, and relate to children's lives. Each pack includes a trade book, a read-along audiocassette for literacy support, a durable plastic handle bag, and more.
Reading Starts With Us
Grades PreK–2
Developed out of the nationally renowned work of Professors Ellen Goldsmith and Anne Marie Tevlin at the Center for Intergenerational Reading, New York City Technical College, City University of New York, this easy-to-use workshop series gives parents real support for building literacy at home. Buy Now in the Teacher Store!
Take-Home Book Packs
Grades 1–6
Take-Home Book Packs offer great opportunities for children to listen to literature and actively participate with literature in a home environment. Each book pack contains a read-aloud book, an audiocassette, a card for home, and an activity sheet for hands-on activities.
Take-Home Math Packs
Grades PreK–K
Take-Home Math Packs are a great way to reinforce basic math concepts. These easy-to-read books make it simple to review math concepts while activity cards provide parents with clear instructions and fun activities to try with their child.