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Dear Educator,

As you know, Phonics is a key element to primary reading success. That is why our phonics products are designed to help you turn every student — early learner, struggling reader, or non-English speaking child — into a proficient reader who loves reading!

• Each product fits in with your core curriculum: whether it be teacher-led instruction, small groups, independent or take-home practice.
• Each series meets a clearly defined need.
• Each title meets a targeted skill.

Scholastic phonics products are an engaging, motivating supplement to your classroom textbooks that students love because they are fun to use!

When your goal is to improve the reading ability of all students in your classroom, Scholastic Phonics Products are a perfect fit!
Wiley Blevins
Director of Primary Programs

Wiley Blevins: Author of such books as "Phonics form A-Z" and "Teaching Phonics and Word Study in the Intermediate Grades".

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Early Phonics (PreK-K)  
Scholastic ReadingLine Kit - NEW
Scholastic ReadingLine Kits offer step-by-step instruction for three literary cornerstones: sounds and letters, vocabulary, and phonics.
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Phonics Practice (K-2)  
Scholastic Decodable Readers
Build confidence with the simplest, most decodable books around. 88 carefully sequenced books.
Also available for Guided Reading Levels: