Mission Statement
Scholastic Professional offers a range of books, DVDs, Study Guides, web downloads, and other resources and services that can support you as you make the dozens of daily instructional decisions that may forever shape the lives of your students. These resources bring together essential research and effective practice while always recognizing the challenges and pressures you face. Our mission to serve you is shaped by equal measures of passion and compassion.

Our passion stems from:

Hope for bright and meaningful learning lives for children, for teachers, for communities here and around the world.

Commitment to quality. We work with dedicated authors, leaders in their fields, who care deeply about their work. They give you both the power of their convictions and the rock-solid years of classroom-informed research.

Devotion to learning. We understand that learning often begins with a question, which leads to another and another. We embrace discussion; we welcome debate. We share your passion for teaching and welcome your suggestions for ways we can extend our support for your work.

Compassion, too, plays a key role in our publishing decisions. We’re the publisher that helps you become the teacher you want to be—and can be.

We honor diversity. We live and work in multicultural, multilingual communities—our lives reflect our diversity and so, too, do our materials.

We offer multiple entry points into understanding. In keeping with the spirit of differentiated instruction, we publish professional books but also professionally-charged curriculum and other resources that embrace the full potential of technology. 

We acknowledge the new demands educators face. We strive to support responsive teaching amid today’s increasing pressures.

Every day, we live and work by our mission to help you and your students learn, thrive, and joyfully succeed.