Our Staff
A phrase we think of often as we strive to bring you the finest professional resources is: “It takes a team.” In this premier of our new Web site, we’re pleased to introduce a very important part of our team—our editorial department. As you’ll read, these individuals are deeply involved in education from their experiences as educators, volunteers, and parents. They are the people who sign qualified authors to write our books, help develop and schedule their manuscripts, work with designers to create an inviting book to read, and communicate with marketing and sales why educators need these resources to grow professionally and teach with gusto.

In the coming months we’ll be posting other important players on our team, from promotion assistants and meeting planners to members of our art, design, and marketing departments.

  Virginia Dooley

Virginia Dooley is the Editor in Chief of Teaching Resources. She has been an acquisitions and development editor at Scholastic Teaching Resources since 1993. Prior to joining Scholastic, she was an editor at Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Division, where she developed reading, math, science, and social studies curriculum materials. She enjoys spending time with her children and reading.

  Lois Bridges

A former teacher, literacy consultant, and teacher educator, Lois Bridges brings her passion for serving teachers and children to her work as the publisher of the Theory & Practice line. She served for ten years as Heinemann's Literacy Publisher and Senior Editor. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona, has written and co-edited seven books for teachers, and enjoys hiking the nature preserves surrounding her home in the San Francisco coastal foothills with her three children and husband.

  Ray Coutu

Ray Coutu has been part of the Scholastic Teaching Resources editorial team since 2000, working in various editorial capacities. Prior to that, he was a senior editor at Instructor magazine and a marketing manager at Heinemann. Ray holds masters degrees in writing and publishing from Emerson College and language and literacy from Harvard University. In his spare time, Ray volunteers at his city’s learning enrichment center, tutoring children in reading and writing.

  Joanna Davis-Swing

Joanna Davis-Swing has been an editor of Teaching Strategies books since she started at Scholastic in 1999. She is a graduate of Boston College and received masters degrees in English and English education from West Virginia University. Before joining Scholastic, she was a teacher and editor at WVU. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children.

  Gloria Pipkin

A graduate of the University of Florida and Florida State University, Gloria Pipkin taught language arts in Florida public schools for more than 20 years and supervised student teachers at FSU for five years after leaving the school system. She is the co-author of two professional books for teachers. She joined Scholastic in 2006.