"Reading IS Seeing is based on the premise that visualizing text is critical for understanding a text. Wilhelm helps us visualize the strategies that he suggests by putting practice into action so that we literally see what instruction ought to look like. In doing so, Wilhelm shows us all, once again, that when it comes to reading instruction, he’s a model we all want to follow.”

—Kylene Beers,
School of Development Program, Yale University

"Imagery is one of the most powerful comprehension tools a reader has at his or her disposal. In this timely book, Jeff Wilhelm opens our eyes to numerous comprehension strategies that employ visualization. This is a must-read for teachers interested in making comprehension instruction an engaging, integral, and thoughtful part of their literacy and content instruction.”

—Timothy V. Rasinski,
Kent State University,
author of The Fluent Reader


We are delighted to share noted educators' insights with you on Jeffrey Wilhelm’s Action Strategies for Deepening Comprehension.

“Tapping into what kids do best and truly enjoy—talking and playing—Wilhelm shows teachers how to deepen students’ comprehension of texts through a wide range of drama techniques…. A treasure of literacy stories from Wilhelm’s rich teaching life.”

Laura Robb,
author of Teaching Reading in Middle School

“Once again, Jeff Wilhelm is brilliant in crafting a book that will transform our practices. Enactment strategies will not only stretch and challenge students, but will inspire teachers to look at reading instruction through a new set of lenses.”

Janice V. Kristo,
University of Maine, Orono

“Without sacrificing theory, Wilhelm provides a practical, classroom-friendly approach to the kinds of learning activities that capture and keep students’ attention across the content areas…. I highly recommend this book.”

Karen Boran,
Manager, High School Instruction,
Chicago Public Schools


We are delighted to share noted educators' insights with you on Jeffrey Wilhelm’s Improving Comprehension with Think-Aloud Strategies

“Some people I know—not many, just some—sincerely try to practice what they preach. It’s an admirable trait, and I know from person observation that Jeff Wilhelm had done it. What Jeff tells us in Improving Comprehension with Think-Aloud Strategies is what he does with real students in real classrooms. But that’s only part of the story. Jeff turns the old adage around and does a fine job of preaching what he practices too. He shares what he has learned from years of thoughtful practice in a straightforward and accessible style. Jeff not only tell us what he does, he takes us through the steps that will enable us to do it too.”

Wayne Otto,
Emeritus Professor of Curriculum and Instruction,
University of Wisconsin

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