Rich vocabulary learning — all day, every day
The Word-Conscious Classroom
The Word-Conscious Classroom
Grades 4–8
192 pages
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Judith A. Scott Bonnie J. Skobel Jan Wells
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  • Chapter 1: Developing a Word-Conscious Classroom
  • Chapter 2: Building a Bank of Powerful Language: How to Get Started
  • Chapter 3: Playing With Words: Using Stand-Alone Games and Activities to Generate Enthusiasm
  • Chapter 4: Books, Books, Books: Building Word Consciousness Through Read-Alouds and Shared Reading
  • Chapter 5: Learning Vocabulary Through Reading Novels Together
  • Chapter 6: Writing Together: Scaffolding Writing Through Whole Class Activities
  • Chapter 7: Moving Toward Independence: Writing Poetry
  • Chapter 8: Moving Toward Independence: Writing Memoirs
  • Chapter 9: Moving Toward Independence: Writing Fictional Stories
  • Chapter 10: Developing Word Consciousness Across the Curriculum
  • Chapter 11: Assessment and Evaluation
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Your students' ability to read and write successfully depends largely on the size of their vocabulary. If you're looking for new ways to help them learn rich vocabulary all day, every day, and also improve their reading and writing, then look no further. Based on research and successful classroom practice, The Word-Conscious Classroom offers you dozens of strategies, mini-lessons, units, tools, and activities that increase student exposure to and appreciation of language in a variety of ways:
  • Using daily read-alouds and think-alouds during shared reading
  • Organizing literature circles with one student serving as the “word hunter”
  • Using mentor texts as models for writing class books
  • Appointing all students to be “word catchers” and “word coaches” for one another
  • Establishing a classroom community where asking about word meanings and experimenting with language is encouraged
  • Collecting and displaying words in the “Bank of Powerful Language”
  • Offering rubrics for word learning assessment
In addition, you'll find lively ways to enhance word consciousness by linking reading and writing through step-by-step units on poetry, memoir, stories, and research writing.