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Resources to address behavioral changes that may affect students due to the recent tragedy.

Children & Loss
Teachers serve as a crucial emotional bridge for a child at times of loss. What do we need to know to help students cope? by Dr. Bruce Perry

How to Teach Children about Living in a World with Violence
A step-by-step guide — plus answers to your questions.

Reassuring Routines and Rituals
From infancy on, children count on rituals and routines to offer comfort and security.

Solving Sharing Issues
Your role as a mediator can help children "feel like sharing."

Working with Children Who Show Attention Problems
What to do when preschoolers have difficulty focusing on the activity at hand.

When a Child Takes Things
Classroom materials and other children's toys can be hard for a young child to resist. A teacher asks for help.

When a Child Plays Rough
Ways to help the child who crashes and bumps into other children

When to Consult an Expert
Knowing when to seek outside help is the first step in getting help for chil

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Listen to our exclusive interview with Dr. Bruce Perry. Dr. Perry discusses the special role teachers can play in helping children cope with grief and trauma. You'll need RealPlayer to Listen.

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Teacher-to-Teacher Technology
How are you using the Web in your curriculum in light of the recent terrorist activities?

Teacher-to-Teacher Idea Exchange
How are you and your students honoring the victims and heroes of the September 11th tragedy?

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Resources to help maintain a peaceful and safe space for students.

Create a Caring Classroom
Use this checklist to help ensure that your classroom is an emotionally safe
place — for every child.

Comforting Classroom
Nothing is more important in making a child feel comfortable than the presence of a caring adult and a comfortable classroom.

Five Tricky Personalities — and How to Handle Them
Use positive behavior management to keep even "difficult" students focused on learning this year.

Help for "They Won't Let Me Play with Them!"
While there's no magic cure for the persistent problems related to exclusion, there are ways to address them with your students.

Setting Limits: When a Child Runs Wild
How to manage your classroom when you have an overly-active child.

Tips for Transitions
Here are some "refresher" tips for dealing with this, often-times, chaotic period.

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Resources to address issues of acceptance and understanding of America's rich cultural diversity.

Character Education by the Book
Two teachers tell you how they use literature to explore universal values.

Connect with Kids and Parents of Different Cultures
How to develop positive relationships with today's diverse families

Helping Children Develop a Sense of Identity
California Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization focusing on issues of diversity and early childhood development, shares thoughts on the importance of identity in the lives of young children.

It's Not So Black and White
Discussing racial issues can make students and teachers uncomfortable. Here, an educator shares her wisdom on teaching about slavery and other race-related issues.

Many Languages, Many Cultures
Ideas and inspiration for helping young children thrive in a diverse society

Teaching Diversity: A Place to Begin
We all want children to grow up in a world free from bias and discrimination, but the reality is that we do live in a world in which racism and other forms of bias continue to affect us.

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Leading Our Students through Difficult Times
From the "What's Online at" monthly newsletter: lesson plans and activities to support you and your classroom during this difficult time

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New Professional Discussion Board: America Unites
Exchange teaching materials, tips on tolerance, and personal stories in response to the recent terrorist attacks.

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Scholastic Book List
Suggested books that provide a framework for helping children deal with the emotional impact of the terrorist attack

News Zone
Provides up-to-the-minute reports, activities, and related information about the recent American tragedy.

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