INTERNET MADE EASY: Internet Scavenger Hunts: American History

Internet Scavenger Hunts: American History
ISBN: 0-439-31665-0
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Grades 4–8

Native Americans

Iroquois of the Northeast (p.9)
The Iroquois of the Northeast
Iroquois History
Cherokee of the Southeast (p. 10)
North Georgia's Cherokee Indians

Timeline of Events Relevant to the Northern Plains Tribes
HOMELAND — Plains Indian Timeline 1640–1840

Early Explorers

Leif Ericsson (p. 12)
Leif Ericson Biography (From ODIN)
Leifur Eiriksson
Leif Ericson Memorial
Amerigo Vespucci
Columbus: The Myth Behind the Man (p. 14)
Christopher Columbus — Man and Myth


Coming to America (p. 15)
Mayflower: The Journey, the People, and the Ship
Journey Into History: Voyage on the Mayflower

The Mayflower Web Pages
The First Thanksgiving (p. 16)
Plimoth Plantation's You Are the Historian
The Pilgrims' 1621 Thanksgiving

Life at Plymouth (p. 17)
Plimoth: 1621
Plimoth Plantation: Just for Kids


Colonial Life
Establishing the Colonies (p. 18)
Colonial America
The First Permanent Colony (p. 19)
Virtual Jamestown
History of Jamestown
The Boston Tea Party (p. 20)
The Boston Tea Party: 1773

Revolutionary Journal (p. 21)
Liberty! Chronicle: Timeline
The History Place — American Revolution
Battles of the Revolution (p. 22)
Major Events of the Revolutionary War
Liberty: Chronicle of the Revolution
Reference Resources: American Revolution
People of the Revolution (p. 23)
Biographies of the American Revolution
Women Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War
Reference Resources: American Revolution

A New Nation

Who Were Our Founding Fathers? (p. 24)
The U.S. Constitution: The Delegates
Colonial Hall: The Biographies of the Signers of the U.S. Constitution
The Declaration of Independence (p. 25)
The Declaration of Independence: Transcription
Declaration of Independence (Colonial Hall)
The First President (p. 26)
George Washington
Biography of George Washington

Louisiana Purchase

The Greatest Real Estate Deal in History (p. 27)
National Archives: Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase: A Brief History
What If It Had Never Happened? (p. 28)
Milestone Historic Documents: The Louisiana Purchase
National Archives: Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase: A Brief History


Lewis & Clark

Getting to Know Lewis & Clark (p. 29)
PBS Online — Lewis & Clark: Inside the Corps
Lewis & Clark's Historic Trail
The Men Behind the Expedition (p. 30)
PBS Perspectives on the West: William Clark
PBS Perspectives on the West: Meriwether Lewis
The Tale of Sacajawea (p. 31)
PBS New Perspectives on the West: Sacagawea
PBS: Lewis and Clark — Inside the Corps

Oregon Trail

Dear Pappy Pioneer (p. 32)
All About the Oregon Trail
Oregon Trail History Library — Main Menu
Landmarks by the Trail (p. 33)
Oregon Trail Mileposts
Historic Sites on the Oregon Trail
Getting Ready to Leave (p. 34)
Provisions and Prices
Oregon Trail History Library — Main Menu


The Life of a Slave (p. 35)
Index of Slave Narratives
North American Slave Narratives
Understanding Slavery
Journey to Freedom (p. 36)
The Underground Railroad @ nationalgeographic.com
Africans in America: Narrative: Fugitive Slaves and Northern Racism
The Moses of Her People (p. 37)
Tubman, Harriet
Gale Group: Harriett (Ross) Tubman

Africans in America: Harriet Tubman
North and South (p. 38)
Causes of the Civil War
The Civil War for Kids
Five Years of War (p. 39)
Time Line of the Civil War
Civil War Timeline

Gold Rush

Golden Milestones (p. 40)
1848-1850: A Timeline
What If? (p. 41)
PBS: The Gold Rush
Gold Rush! California's Untold Stories


A Woman's Right to Vote (p. 42)
One Hundred Years Towards Suffrage: an Overview
75 Suffragists
Biographies of Suffragists
The 19th Amendment (p. 43)
The 19th Amendment
The Nineteenth Amendment & the War of the Roses
ACS: Association for Children's Suffrage

The Great Depression

The Lean Years (p. 44)
America's Economy 1929 to 1933
An Outline of American History: War, Prosperity and Depression

How Much Does It Cost? (p. 45)
Then and Now: Prices During the Depression

World War I

The Great War (p. 46)
World War I
The Great War
World War I Participants
The -Isms of War (p. 47)
Causes of WWI

World War II

Posters of Persuasion (p. 48)
World War II Posters
World War II Poster Collection from Northwestern University
World War II Posters

D-Day (p. 49)
American Experience: D-Day

The National D-Day Museum
Normandy 1944

Civil Rights Movement

The Woman Who Refused to Stand (p. 50)
Scholastic: Rosa Parks — How I fought for Civil Rights
Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
Little Rock Nine (p. 51)
Little Rock High School
Little Rock, Arkansas
King of Civil Rights (p. 52)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
The King Center

Vietnam War

War Against Communism (p. 53)
Vietnam Yesterday and Today
Vietnam War Statistics
Timeline of Events (p. 54)
American Experience: Vietnam Timeline
Vietnam War Timeline
Timeline of the Vietnam War

Space Exploration (p. 55)

The Right Stuff
Astronaut Selection and Training
So You Want to be an Astronaut

Ride, Sally Ride! (p. 56)
First American Woman in Space
Dr. Sally Ride
Sally Kristen Ride- First American Woman in Space
What's in Store for Space? (p. 57)
NASA - For Students (Grades 5–8)


American Pride

Our Government (p. 58)
Government Glossary
National Standards for Civics and Government: Glossary
Our Flag (p. 59)
Facts About the United States Flag
U.S. Flag History
The Flags of the United States of America
The Star-Spangled Banner (p. 60)
Fort McHenry: Birthplace of our National Anthem
The Star-Spangled Banner: The Story of the Flag