Today's classroom student body represents more diversity than ever. Stay on top of your students' needs by offering the most culturally informed curriculum. Browse through this month's Teacher Feature lesson plans, activities, and professional resources to help you meet the challenges of the diverse classroom.

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Lesson Plans and Activities

African-American Author Studies
Celebrate diversity with an author studies program that focuses on African-American writers.

Culture and Change: Black History in America
Online Activities: Meet famous African Americans, listen to jazz music, publish your own writing, and explore history with our interactive timeline.
Includes teacher's guide.

Cyberhunt: Take a Trip to Mexico
Lead your class on a cyberjourney through Mexico with Instructor’s Online CyberHunt. Suitable for middle and upper graders, the CyberHunt is a great individual or group activity.

Internet Field Trips
Explore the Heritage of Indigenous People
Folktales on the Web

Professional Resources

Dr. Bruce Perry and Awareness: The Fourth Core Strength
We're all Different (We're all the Same) Teach children to embrace diversity, and give them a gift they can use throughout their lives

Connect With Kids and Parents of Different Cultures
Learn how to develop positive relationships with today's diverse families.

Girls and Technology by Julie Wood
Dr. Wood explains the phenomenon of girls losing interest in math, science and computers and offers ideas on how to counter the trend.

Helping Children Develop a Sense of Identity
California Tomorrow, a non-profit organization, offers insight into helping children understand racial identity.

It's Not So Black and White
Discussing racial issues can make students and teachers uncomfortable. Here, an educator shares her wisdom on teaching about slavery and other race-related issues.

Learning with Jazz
Diversity can be addressed in all areas of the curriculum. Enrich your students' cultural experience in the classroom with jazz.

Many Languages, Many Cultures
Ideas and inspiration for helping young children thrive in a diverse society.

Reflections on a Walk Through Chinatown
Lisa A. Lee spoke to Scholastic about culture and identity. Here are excerpts from her inspiring presentation.

Websitings: Celebrate Black History Month
Fascinating sites packed with resources for an African-American history unit.

Wynton Marsalis
World-renowned trumpeter and music educator talks about the inspiration for his new Jazz for Young People Curriculum.

Teaching Diversity: A Place to Begin
We all want children to grow up in a world free from bias and discrimination, but
the reality is that we do live in a world in which racism and other forms of bias
continue to affect us.

Teaching in a Multi-Cultural Classroom
Three teachers share the challenges and joys of teaching in a classroom with children from different cultures.

Web Resources

National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, Tennessee
This compact site covers the civil rights movement and desegregation from Brown v. Topeka Board of Education to the impact of the civil rights movement on our lives today.

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